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view everything that happens on your PC from anywhere!

Social Spy is the latest, easy to use, monitoring tool available for recording EVERY action that occurs on your PC or Mac.  With Social Spy installed you can invisibly record snapshots of your PC or Mac while in use and view those snapshots in real-time through your online account.

Just login to our website with your account information and browse everything that happened on your PC or Mac.  This means you can login and view activities from home, your office, a hotel, literally anywhere you have internet access to login to your account!



capture screenshots of user activities

Social Spy will record snapshots of your computer while in use and then upload them to your online account in real-time allowing you to view these snapshots remotely from literally anywhere with internet access!

  • Record Social Networking Sites
    View screenshots from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social networking sites.  You will see everything users do!

  • Record Email and Chat Activities
    View screenshots of email use from popular email providers such as Gmail, AOL, MSN, Hotmail, and others.  Social Spy will also record screenshots of instant message and chat activity from ICQ, AOL IM, MSN Messenger, Skype, and all the rest.  Literally all email and chat activities can be recorded regardless of what service or application they are using!

  • Record Video Activities
    Is there a video being watched?  Perhaps a video chat application is being used?  Since Social Spy records snapshots of what is 'on' the PC's screen you can even record snapshots of these as well!

  • Customizable Screenshot Capturing
    Select what activities you want to record such as social networking, email and chat, or simply record EVERYTHING!  You have control over what snapshots are recorded and uploaded to your account for viewing.  Social Spy can be set to record a snapshot as often as once per second to ensure you do not miss out on anything that is happening on your PC!

  • Alert Notifications
    You can also be notified in real-time by email when specific actions occur on the computer.  For instance, you can be notified by email whenever Facebook is used on the PC you are monitoring.  All you need to do is login to your account to see what was happening.

Screenshot Capture Options Alert Options

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view all activities anytime, anywhere, through your web-browser!

Since Social Spy uploads all screenshots to your online account this means you never need to physically access the computer you are monitoring to view what is going on!  Whenever you want to view the activity of your computer just login to our website with your account information.  Imagine monitoring your children while you are work, from a hotel while on vacation... literally anywhere you have internet access to login to your account you can view the screenshots of the PC you are monitoring!

  • Access Anytime from Anywhere
    Just login to our website with your account information to view the activities of the PC you are monitoring.

  • Easy to View
    Once you login to your account you can quickly access specific screenshots like social network, email and chat, or perform a search to view exactly what you want when you want in real-time.

  • Playback Screenshots as a Slideshow
    Use the automated slideshow feature to playback all of your screenshots in a slideshow style movie for easy viewing of exactly what happened on your PC... as it happened!

  • Save Your Screenshots
    Once logged into your account you can easily save ALL the screenshots to your hard drive, USB drive, or other form of media with one click of the mouse.  This allows you to archive screenshots for later use or viewing.

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secure and easy to use solution for monitoring your pc

Social Spy was designed to be powerful yet easy to use.  Installation is a breeze and once installed you will never need to physically access the PC you are monitoring again.

  • Hidden Upon Installation
    Once installed Social Spy is hidden on your computer.  It will not show in the Windows taskbar, programs list, or anywhere else on your computer.  For those users who do wish to notify users they are being monitored there is an optional startup message which alert users at computer startup.

  • Offline Storage of Screenshots
    All screenshots which Social Spy records are instantly uploaded to your online account.  They will not be stored locally on your hard drive and will not take up hard drive space of your computer.

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system requirements

  • Windows NT, 200x, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit versions) or Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.7
  • Minimum 500mhz processor
  • Minimum 128MB RAM
  • Minimum 2MB hard disk space
  • Broadband Internet connection is recommended (dialup is supported)

Purchase your Social Spy account today and begin monitoring every activity of your computer through an easy to use, online, remote screenshot viewing account!  By clicking the link below you can purchase, download, and install Social Spy in minutes!


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